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Horror at Plas Nanteos

Fun day yesterday at the hotel which was looking beautiful as usual. I met the new manager and we got excited about the National Eisteddfod coming to Tregaron in 2020. A major organisation has block booked the hotel for the week ( no names mentioned!) although there may be a few rooms free in the stable block. If anyone has any plans to stay in the mansion over the Eisteddfod, act fast! Had to work in one of the bedrooms (oh hardship, how I suffered in that luxury suite!) as the artist in residence was working on his exhibition in the billiard room. Met three wild-eyed Aberystwyth final year students on the stairs. They're making a horror film starring Elizabeth Owen ( later Powell) the 'Ladi Wen/ 'Grey Lady' of Nanteos. Elizabeth is the main protagonist of The Shadow of Nanteos so we had a long chat. I did feel uneasy at the fact they would be stirring everything up for her again, especially as she was going to be the evil force. I did mention the 'Curse of the Mummie's Tomb' as way of warning. Be interesting to see what happens...



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