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Y Ladi Wen

Sometimes 'co-incidence' is just too strange and spooky!

Elizabeth Powell, born Elizabeth Owen, the main protagonist in The Shadow of Nanteos was the Ladi Wen or Grey Lady I heard of as a child. It is Elizabeth who features in most of the Nanteos ghost stories and it is her voice that was supposedly recorded by Ghost Hunters International calling 'Help me' on the main stairs.

I had known for a while that she, through her mother, was an heiress to the Ynysmaengwyn Estate in Tywyn. What I didn't know until recently was that my Great Grandfather was Head Gardener to the estate at the turn of the Twentieth Century. My paternal Grandmother grew up in the lodge there and remembers opening the gate to the family.

Oh what a privilege it is to serve the gentry!



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