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Hermit Days

Sorry there have been no posts here since coming back from Milwaukee. I'm looking forward to doing a series on life in Ceredigion in the 1750s but have had to get my head down to the serious business of actually writing the novel now- the MS is due into the publishers first week in December (please picture a nail biting emoji).

As I read through the text I swing from pleasure to doubt, sometimes in the course of one paragraph. It can never be good enough, of course. Sometimes I'm delighted, even surprised at a passage; sometimes there's a chunk that's as dead as the lead in the Ceredigion hills. The amount of work left to do is frightening - that's why I'm writing this blog instead, I guess! Well, dear friends out there who made me get down to it back in the dark days of January when the building work started at our home and I ran away to the empty bedrooms of Plas Nanteos, I'm thinking of you again. All those hours at a desk/ head stuck in research must not be wasted. Get down to work, Jane and I will, of course, just after I've fed the birds and checked the sheep...



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