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Jane Blank is a professional teacher, published novelist, poet, dramatist, script writer & tutor in creative writing. She is a member of Literature Wales and the Welsh Academy. Jane, with Welsh parents, born & brought up in Sheffield, is bilingual in Welsh & English.

The Shadow of Nanteos


The Shadow of Nanteos” was a Waterstone’s book of the month in Wales. Set in the haunting 18th Century Cardiganshire mansion, it is a passionate story of love and ambition. You can follow latest developments on the book’s facebook page. The novel was launched at an event at Nanteos Mansion 5 star hotel in Cardiganshire and was long-listed for the Historical Novel Society Awards 2015.

 "A Wonderfully gothic evocation of Wild Wales"

Robert Peston, Journalist, author, and TV presenter


"I rejoice that the life-enhancing shadow of Nanteos will live in very many readers for a


long long time."   Professor Bobi Jones,  Aberystwyth University

The Geometry of Love


Fast-paced and darkly funny, the novel is set in Sheffield in the 1980s where New Romantics vie with Northern Soulers for control of the clubs and the fashion scene. The miners are on strike, Thatcher is in power, but all this means nothing to two teenage girls looking for kicks, their one aim - to lose their viginity. In the wake of their fascination with Omar, a gorgeous French-Algerian, the action moves to France. The story, however, remains one of obsession: what happens when childhood friends refuse to let go and when East collides with West in a pre 9/11 world.

"Blank knows something about culture clashes too. Born and bred in England to Welsh parents, she was regarded as Welsh by the English and English by her Welsh relatives. Denied the language by "experts" who advised her mother not to speak Welsh, she moved back to her family roots in Wales as an adult, learnt Welsh and now teaches at a Welsh-language secondary school." Western Mail.

Naked Playing The Cello

ISBN-1 899449 95 7  

This is Jane Blank's first collection.  It has been a long time in the making and fully justifies the care taken in assembling it.  Sometimes uncomfortably blunt, sometimes heartbreakingly naive, these poems show how an exquisitely controlled imagination can create a hotline to truth.

Ann Drysdale.

Imagined Greetings

ISBN: 9781845274160

Imagined Greetings: Poetic Engagements with R.S. Thomas (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch) is a multi-faceted, multi-voiced, cross-cultural conversation in poetry about the most important and influential Welsh poet of the twentieth century. Jane’s poem, “RS Thomas in Eglwys Fach” has been selected by editor, Prof. David Lloyd, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York for inclusion in this exciting new anthology, along with contributions from Gillian Clarke, Dr. Rowan Williams, Owen Sheers, Twm Morys, Dannie Abse, Ruth Bidgood & Menna Elfyn.

Laughing Not Laughing


"Laughing not Laughing is the kind of book that everyone wants to borrow from you" 
Clare Morgan,Planet Magazine

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