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Nanteos Mansion Easter Monday Afternoon Tea and House Tour with Cello recital.

The early owners of Plas Nanteos were consumate musicians ( wonderful painting in St Fagan's of Mary and Thomas who started the building work) and the beautiful music room on the first floor is listed. Griffith Evans, Harper, played at Nanteos every New Year from 1730 - 1760 and a ghostly harp is still heard in the woods to the back of the house. I'll be at Nanteos on Easter Monday with my cello to carry on the tradition of music making. Join me for tea, bubbly and a house tour of the mansion, from 4.25 - 5.00 if you're free! Please book tea directly with the hotel's reception but let me know if you want to come on the house tour where we'll explore the history of the house and visit locations featured in The Shadow of Nanteos. Pasg Hapus i bawb!

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