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Baptising Nanteos: The Dipping Pool with Rhiannon, Tregaron

Dear Friends,

Do come if you can, and bring a friend! My latest book, Nanteos: The Dipping Pool was published in September 2020 with a big launch planned at Nanteos Mansion ( many thanks to the owner and Manager for the offer of a weekend house party by way of celebration). Thank you too to the friends and family members who were booked in as residents over that weekend. Initially, everything was going well, with the novel in the top ten Welsh best seller list and the best selling novel in Wales. However, you know what's coming... Fast forward to October and the launch is getting smaller and smaller, finally having to be cancelled altogether. That December, every bookshop in the UK was closed for five months, with no live promotion or sales possible. However, thanks to Rhiannon of Tregaron, at last this is my chance to celebrate five years of hard work and to share my book with you. Wela i chi yna!


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