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Bolt hole at Nanteos

My writing desk at Plas Nanteos

Every cloud has a silver lining... Yes! The builders are at our home - cement mixer, drills, sledge hammers 'electricity off, please' 'electricity on' 'where's the stop cock?' ( now you've got me!) and I'm in the last six month stretch of the prequel/sequel to The Shadow of Nanteos, hoping to finish by July. 'Go away, I'm in the Eighteenth Century!' doesn't cut any ice with Dai and his team. So, what to do?

Run away to Nanteos! No distractions, except chatting to Julie on reception. No mobile phone either - it stops working as soon as I turn into the long drive up to the house. In a nutshell, no excuse. Watch this space and bear witness if you have time, I'm using this blog rather like a member of Slimming World might use the weigh in - keep an eye on me and hold me to it and I won't want to let you or myself down. Even found myself dusting the skirting boards once instead of working at The Geometry of Love. Thank you to Shane and his team for the hospitality, will try not to disappoint!

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