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Wolves in Ceredigion

When was the last wolf?

Writing a passage on the Lloyd family of Mabws, near Llanrhystud who were close associates of the Powells of Nanteos. They were originally from Ffosybleiddiaid, Swyddffynnon 'The ditch of the wolves'. Family lore has it that a Lloyd killed the last Welsh wolf or that the name comes from the fact that two wolves were killed in the ditch at the same time. Both stories unsubstantiated, though Cors Caron would have been a good hunting ground for the animals. No one believes me, but I've seen a wolf in the wild. Mum and I were on the train, returning from a trip to Granada. It was getting dark and I was looking out of the window as we passed through the mountains - just a glimpse, just a snap shot of a lone figure making its way across patureland - purposeful, relaxed. It was no dog; something wholly different about the manner of it. It was tall in the leg with a bony, square body and substantial head. Just as a fox moves so differently from a dog, so this animal was distinct. The

steps were big and it covered a lot of ground even in the couple of seconds I was watching, yet it seemed to hold its body quite still, almost stiff. Colour? Lots of different shades in the fur but the main impression was grey with brown streaks. A gift indeed.

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