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The Geometry of Love:'The Funniest, Sexiest Book I've Read in a Long Time'

American writer Norman Schwenk might have enjoyed it - but my mother didn't (eventhough all the sex scenes were fabricated for legal purposes and to protect the' innocent')! Geometry is a black comedy. Set in 1980s Sheffield it draws on my upbringing in the streets and clubs of the South Yorkshire steel town. It's still in print ( published by Y Lolfa, 2008) and tells the story of Miranda, free spirited daughter of a Jewish family, who embarks on a secret marriage with an older Muslim man.

It started with a poem, later published in the collection 'Naked Playing the Cello' (The Collective Press, 2007)

Blackpool Tower: Quick Step

Amanda smooches like Vesuvius

backside like a kidney dish

huge as a man in my arms.

She moves us

rubbing my face in crushed velvet

knowing it's a rare performance.

Her hand loves me, long and beautiful;

I know her toes poking through fishnets

the big mole in the pit of her back..

Oh sing and hold me under your dry hair.

Dance me.

A poem inspired by our reunion, years and divorces later, on the dance floor in Blackpool Tower.

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