'Meet the Powell Women', live from Plas Nanteos this Thursday

I so enjoyed being in the luscious Nightingale Suite at Nanteos last Thursday for the Magic and Ritual live Instagram session! Many thanks to Hannah Jones for filming the session for the Nanteos Hotel Instagram site. Apologies to those following on Facebook however - the sound quality was very poor. I have assurances from the technician/ director that all will be well this Thursday. He also promises not to waggle his phone around...

Although many of the characters overlap between the two Nanteos novels, The Dipping Pool focuses on new heroines Mary Powell ( born Mary Frederick) - heiress and grand daughter of a Mayor of London and Branwen Rhys who works with her father at the Pryse family of Gogerddan's fulling mill. Both women are ambitious within their own sphere; both are subject to the casual cruelty of fate and bound by the expectations of an often brutal society.

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