The Georgian Christmas

Georgian Christmas was very much all about parties, balls and family get-togethers. The Georgian Christmas season ran from December 6th (St. Nicholas Day) to January 6th (Twelfth Night). On St. Nicholas Day, it was traditional for friends to exchange presents; this marked the beginning of the Christmas season. A Yule log was chosen on Christmas Eve. It was wrapped in hazel twigs and dragged home, to burn in the fireplace as long as possible through the Christmas season. The tradition was to keep back a piece of the Yule log to light the following year’s Yule log. January 6th or Twelfth Night signalled the end of the Christmas season and was marked in the 18th century by a Twelfth Night party, in which the 'Lords of Misrule' reigned. And so it was at Plas Nanteos and the other fine houses of Ceredigion.

Join me on Thursday 19th November for the last of my live events from Plas Nanteos to hear more about Christmas and New Year in the 1750s.

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